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References for the Icon programming language

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The best way to learn the Icon programming language is to read the inventor's book:

Griswold, Ralph E., and Madge T. Griswold. The Icon programming language. 2nd ed. Prentice-Hall, 1990. ISBN 0-13-447889-4.

The Icon Project at the University of Arizona maintains a homepage for the Icon programming language. This includes a Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ), an online reference manual, the definitive ftp archive, and many other useful Icon resources, including an object-oriented language derived from Icon that is called Idol.

David Hanson at Princeton has written an excellent technical summary, A brief introduction to Icon.

You can also view a pocket guide to Icon [PDF format] developed by the author of this page.

We also have local PostScript copies of many of the Icon project's official documents; see Documents for the Icon programming language.

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