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An example of Icon parsing

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Here is an extended example that demonstrates parsing in Icon. Suppose you want to parse a file describing types of plants, with lines that look like this:

    00168    poison ivy
that is, each line starts with a number, then some blank space, then the English name of the plant. Here is a program that breaks the line up into the two data fields and prints the output in parentheses, like this: (00168)(poison ivy)
    procedure main()
      while read() ?    # Read each line and make it the subject
      { number  :=  tab ( many ( &digits ) );  # Initial digits
        tab ( many ( ' ' ) );   # Skip over any spaces
        name    :=  tab ( 0 );  # Grab the rest of the line
        write ( "(", number, ")(", name, ")" );

Note that ``tab(0)'' means: move the position to the end of the subject (position 0---see `How Icon positions are numbered'), and return all the characters between the current position and there.

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