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Example Fortran program to measure elapsed time

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c etime.f: Demonstrate measurement of elapsed time
      program etimetest
      real etime          ! Declare the type of etime()
      real elapsed(2)     ! For receiving user and system time
      real total          ! For receiving total time
      integer i, j

      print *, 'Start'

      do i = 1, 5000000   ! That's five million
         j = j + 1
      end do

      total = etime(elapsed)
      print *, 'End: total=', total, ' user=', elapsed(1),
     &         ' system=', elapsed(2)
Here is some sample output, run on a Sun SLC:
 End: total=    3.75000 user=    3.61667 system=   0.133333

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