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Undoing a Sybase transaction


Uniform Resource Locator)?, What is a URL (


unique index, Creating a Sybase
unique index, Example of a Sybase


Unix command?, What is a
Unix commands, Commonly used
Unix file tree?, What is the
Unix fundamentals
Unix searches for commands, How
Unix shell, Selecting a
Unix software tools, Using standard
Unix tools, Learning the basic
Unix, Course notes for CS307, Practicum in
Unix, Printing: Why you need to know a lot in


unwanted files, Getting rid of


URL (Uniform Resource Locator)?, What is a


used Unix commands, Commonly


useful links, XML and SGML standards and


user consultant


utility for Windows, PuTTY: A Secure SHell (SSH) connection
utility, Connecting to the TCC with the PuTTY
utility, Setting up the PuTTY

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