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object design example, pinemerge: An
Object Model example: address book, Document
Object Model example: periodic chart, Document
object program
object, Creating an Icon record
object, A Python file info


oldest files?, oldfiles: Where are my


oldfiles script works, How the Python
oldfiles script, How to run the Python
oldfiles: Where are my oldest files?


one instance of a repeating Ical event, Deleting
one-time appointments in Ical, Adding


online navigation design, Reading list for


only file under RCS, Checking out a read-


operating system


options to the print command, Printing: The
options, Using ls command


organize large collections of files, How to


organizer program, Selecting a personal
organizer, Using the Ical personal


Organizing your files


other end links to Web pages, Adding
other problems, Spam, viruses, and


output streams, Redirecting


outside the Tech Computer Center, Using mailers


over the Internet, Using the TCC remotely


own record types in Icon, Creating your

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