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HTML Server Side Includes: exec

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The ``Server Side Includes'' feature allows you to customize your page by executing a program or script. All the output from that program or script will be displayed on the page.

Here is the general form of the SSI #exec command:

      <!--#exec cmd="command [arguments...]"-->
command is the pathname of the program or script you want to execute.
arguments are optional arguments passed to the program or script, as if they were command line arguments.

For example, this line:

      <!--#exec cmd="/u/fred/www/run -x green"-->
would execute the script /u/fred/www/run and pass it two arguments, "-x" and "green". Any output generated by that script would appear on your Web page at the position of your <!--#exec...--> tag.

As with CGI scripts, the program or script you execute runs with the privileges of its owner. Therefore, if the script is owned by you, it can read or write any files that you have access to.

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