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Designing a routing chunk

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When you expect that different users will come to a page with different needs, and they need to go to different places, you can use a routing chunk to help them get there. Typically a routing page will be structured as a bullet list (<ul>...</ul>). Each bullet should have two parts:

  1. The first part should describe some condition or need, e.g., ``If you want to know x,'' or ``If you have the 1995 model,'' or something like that.
  2. The second part should take the reader to the place appropriate for that condition or need. This will usually be a link to another page, but it might point the reader at a book or person instead.

Here are some examples of routing bullets:

Note: It is a good idea to make the text of a hyperlink the same as the title of the page where that link goes. If the page title does not resemble the link text, the reader may wonder if the link was set up incorrectly.

Alternately, you can put the link first and the condition second. For example:

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