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Linking to a specific location on a page

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An anchor is used to name a particular spot within a document. To define an anchor, use this sequence:

    <a name="anchor-name">text</a>
This defines a named anchor at the location of the text, so links elsewhere can point to this spot.

To make a link to an anchor:

    <a href="#anchor-name">text</a>
This displays the given text with a link to anchor-name.


Suppose, for example, you want to link from the top of your page to an occurrence of the phrase ``water conservation.'' First you create an anchor where you want to jump to:

    <a name="watercons">water conservation</a>

Then, at the top of your page, you put:

    See the <a href="#watercons">section on water conservation</a>

Linking to an anchor on a different page

To set up a link that jumps to specific location in a different document:

    <a href="URL#anchor-name">text</a>
where URL is the URL of the page to which you want to link, and anchor-name is an anchor defined on that page.
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