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Problems deleting e-mail?

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If your account is over quota, you may have problems deleting your e-mail.

In, the delete button does not actually delete anything. It only moves e-mail to a special trash folder called “INBOX.Trash”. If your account is over-quota, this operation fails because it cannot re-create the e-mail in the trash folder, so nothing gets deleted.

To work around this problem:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click Options on the top bar.
  3. Click Folder preferences.
  4. Change “Trash folder” to “Do not use trash”.
  5. To free up space, delete any e-mail that you want to remove permanently.
  6. Change “Trash folder” back to “INBOX.Trash” to re-enable this feature that protects you against accidental deletion.

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