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Notes from the TCC LaTeX Boot Camp

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These are notes from the Tech Computer Center's six-session LaTeX short course. For each unit, the PDF link is the finished product, and the .tex link is the LaTex input file.

  1. Zero to thesis in 45 minutes. [day1.tex] [day1.pdf]
  2. Environments and commands. [day2.tex] [day2.pdf]
  3. Basic math. [math1.tex] [math1.pdf]
  4. Displayed equations and arrays. [math2.tex] [math2.pdf]
  5. Figures and tables. [figtab.tex] [figtab.pdf]
  6. Bibliography. [day6.tex] [day6.bib] [day6.pdf]

See also: The LaTeX document preparation system
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