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Lecture notes for CS306, Practicum in TeX

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These lecture notes from CS306, Practicum in TeX, were written by the author of this page. They are in PostScript format, so they can be viewed only under a windowing system. The units are numbered 2 through 13; lecture 1, a brief history of typesetting technology and terms, is not represented here. This course is based on the Plain TeX format, and should be adequate for most anyone who wants to write a thesis or dissertation.

To print hard copies of this material on the Birch printer (in Speare 5), use the commands below. There are probably about 40 pages total.

    % cd ~www/docs/tcc/help/dtp/tex/ps
    % lpr -Pb
    % lpr -Pb
    % lpr -Pb

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See also: The Plain TeX document preparation system; The LaTeX and TeX typesetting systems
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