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Creating a Sybase unique index

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Unique indexes are used to ensure that each item in a column is unique. They can not be created on text or image datatypes because those datatypes cannot reliably be declared unique.

At the end of each command press the space-bar or press enter before continuing the next step.

  1. To create a unique index, type
            create unique index
  2. If you want the index to be a clustered index, type
            clustered index
    Otherwise, type
  3. Type the name for the index.
  4. Type
  5. Type the name of the table you are creating an index on.
  6. Type
  7. Type the column name you want to create the index on.
  8. Type
  9. Type
    and Press Enter.

If everything goes well, you see the database prompt (a period, the name of the database you are using, another period, the number one and then the greater than symbol).

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Maintained by John Shipman,; original by Steve Anderson
Last updated: 1997/06/23 22:06:03 UT
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