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Example of Sybase table creation

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For example, to create a rolodex type table, type:

         Create table Rolodex (
             First_name varchar(40),
             Last_name varchar(40),
             Address text,
             City varchar(40),
             State char(2),
             Zip varchar(10),
             Phone varchar(15))

If you see

         Msg 2714, Level 16, State 1
         Server '', Line 1
         There is already an object named 'rolodex' in the database.
then you already have a table by that name. You will have to re-type your command with a new table name.

If you see

         Msg 173, Level 15, State 1
         Server '', Line 1
         The definition for column 'Phone' must include a datatype.
you may have mis-typed you column datatype, or left it out entirely. Re-type your command, making sure that each column has a datatype defined.
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