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Deleting a Sybase table

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Be very careful about deleting a table! It cannot be recovered, and all the data in it will be lost. Since you can have multiple tables in your database you really don't ever need to delete a table, so don't!

At the end of each command press the space-bar or press enter before continuing the next step.

  1. If you insist on deleting a table, type
             drop table
  2. Type the table name you want to delete.
  3. Type
  4. Look at what you've typed. Make absolutely certain that you never, ever want to see the data in this table again. If you absolutely, positively don't want it, press Enter. Otherwise, hold down the Control key and press C which will stop the command and keep you from making the mistake of deleting the table.

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Maintained by John Shipman,; original by Steve Anderson
Last updated: 1997/06/25 19:23:01 UT
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