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Starting the Sybase SQL server

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Sybase SQL Server is a program that works behind the scenes to allow you to create databases, enter data and analyze your data.

You do not work directly with Sybase SQL Server. Instead, to work with your data, you use several utility programs that communicate with Sybase SQL Server. The most frequently used utility is sqsh, a program that allows you to insert data into your database, search through your data, and delete data.

  1. To start sqsh, type this Unix command:
    On your screen you see:
            sqsh 0.8 Copyright (C) 1995, 1996 Scott C. Gray
            This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
            For more information type '\warranty'
  2. Type your password and press Enter.
  3. On your screen you see a period, the name of the database the TCC has created for you, another period, the number one and then the > (greater-than) symbol. For instance, if your database name is rolodex, you see
    The number is a counter. It keeps track of how many lines you have typed in the current command set. Since you haven't typed any, the counter is at one. When you press enter, it will increment. When you type the command go the counter will reset to 1 because go ends a command set.

    If you see

            Msg 4002, Level 14, State 1
            Server '', Line 1
            Login failed.
            DB-LIBRARY error (severity 2):
            Login incorrect.
            DB-Library: Login incorrect.
    then you've mis-typed your password. Don't panic; just restart sqsh and be careful to use the password the TCC sent you when you were given permission to use Sybase SQL Server.
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