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Searching multiple Sybase tables

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If you want to search for items in multiple tables (for instance, all the Johns in a rolodex table and in a masons table) this is the way to do it.

At the end of each command press the space-bar or press enter before continuing the next step.

  1. Type
  2. Type the name of the columns you displayed after the search. Separate each column name with a comma. For instance, if you are searching for John Jones and you want to know his phone number and his address, so you would type
            phone, address
  3. If you want every column to be returned, type an asterisk.
  4. Type
  5. Type the name of the first table you are searching, then type a comma and the name of the second table. If you have more tables you want to search, add them by typing a comma, then the table name. There is no limit to the number of tables you can add.
  6. Type
  7. Type the name of the column you are searching.
  8. Type
  9. Type
  10. Type the word(s) you the first item you are searching for, including any wildcards you need.
  11. Type
  12. Type the word(s) of the item you are searching for, including any wildcards you need (see `Sybase searches when you know part of the data').
  13. Type
  14. Type
  15. Press Enter.

If there is a value that matches your search, you see the results from your search and

        (1 row affected)
The number may be 2 or 3, or whatever if your search matches more than one row.

For example, to find all the Johns in Seattle in a table called rolodex and return all the columns, type

        select * from rolodex where name likeJohn%
            and city=Seattle go

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