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What is a Sybase table?

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A table is composed of rows and columns of data. Each column represents a type of data (like names or addresses) and each row contains a unique set of data. A cell is where a row intersects a column.

For example, if you have a table of contact information (like a rolodex) it might look like this:
First_name Last_name Address City State Zip Phone
John Jones 301 Main Socorro NM 87801 835-5555
Jane Baca PO 3098 Socorro NM 87801 835-5555

The bolded items are the column names. The line that starts with John is the first row. The line that starts with Jane is the second row. Each box is a cell.

A database can have multiple tables, but each table must have a unique name. You might have a table of address for your friends called Friends, a table of addresses for work called Work, and a table listing all the CDs in your collection called Cds. The reason for using separate tables is to make it easier to find your data. If you are looking for the title of a CD, you don't have to look through all your addresses.

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