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Example of adding data in Sybase

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For example, to insert data into a table called rolodex, type

        insert into rolodex values
            ('John','Jones','308 Main Street','Socorro',
            'NM',87801) go

If you see

        Msg 102, Level 15, State 1
        Server '', Line 1
        Incorrect syntax near '89'.
You could have done a lot of things wrong:

Take a close look at your insert statement and compare it to your table structure. When you figure out what went wrong, try it again. It's strange, but true, this type of error, which I think is the most likely error to be made, has the least helpful error code in the entire program.

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Maintained by John Shipman,; original by Steve Anderson
Last updated: 1997/06/25 20:12:54 UT
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