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Adding data to all columns in Sybase

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Adding new data is a slow, tedious, and mind-numbingly boring process. It's very difficult to pay attention to what you are doing for very long. However, somebody has to do it, and unless you're willing to pay somebody, it's got to be you. So, get a hot cup of coffee (or a cold soda, or whatever beverage you prefer) and get ready for some really dull work.

At the end of each command press the space-bar or press enter before continuing the the next step.

  1. Type
            insert into
  2. Type the name of the table you are entering data into.
  3. Type
  4. Since you are entering data into an entire row, the data needs to be grouped and each value needs to be separate. To group the values, you enclose them in parenthesis. To separate them, you use commas.
    If you have special characters to enter as values into your tables (that includes % _ , ( ) < > . : = + - * / ' " and the space character) you must quote the value. To do that, enclose the value between single close quotes. For instance, to use fifteen percent, you would type '15%'. To get a 'character, you type it twice. For example 'it''s' would enter the contraction for it is as a value.
  5. To begin the group, type
  6. Type the data for the first column, followed by a comma, then the data for the second column, followed by a comma, until you have values for all the columns. If you do not have a value for a column, type the comma separator anyway, or you'll get an error.
  7. Close the group by typing
  8. Type
  9. Press Enter.

If everything goes well, you see the database prompt (a period, the name of the database you are using, another period, the number one and then the greater than symbol).

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Maintained by John Shipman,; original by Steve Anderson
Last updated: 1997/06/25 20:12:02 UT
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