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10.1.   Processing Room Reservations

Room scheduling should be done in adherence to the TCC Managed rooms policy and the information on the TCC Managed Rooms web page.

The UC on duty is responsible for processing room reservations on the TCC side. The Registrar keeps all the room reservations in Google calendars. Any changes, deletions, or additions to these calenders will automatically send an email to all UCs(via tcc-room). Once the on-duty UC receives the email, their only responsibility is to check the opening and closing Google calendar and make necessary adjustments (usually the closing time).

To ensure we get all room reservations processed on our side each UC, when on duty, is to check all reservation emails against the opening and closing Google calendar to verify any changes needed were done. If a previous reservation did not get entered (enter it of course!) be sure to send email to the person who was on shift when it came in and let them know they missed one (also CC that email to the Manager of User Services.