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3.   TCC Managed rooms policy

Effective February 14, 1997. Amended March 1997, January 1998, 23 August 2000, 05 February 2001, 06 April 2001, 05 July 2006, 21 April 2008.

The computer based class rooms (lecture rooms, and labs) are scheduled for use by the Registrar (-5133).


When scheduling a room be sure to include time for any preparations, or take-down, you'll need for the event.

The equipment in those class rooms is managed by the TCC.

People using these class rooms are not to modify the equipment or attempt repairs. If there is any problem with the equipment it should be reported using any of the mechanisms currently in place at the TCC for receiving reports of problems (e.g., the ticket system, or a phone call to the Help Desk (-5437).

If special equipment (be it hardware or software), or configuration of existing equipment, is required then arrangements for meeting those needs can be made through the same channels used to report problems. Appropriate lead times should be allowed for such changes (e.g. see software requests for software, and consider at least a one month lead time for hardware or configuration changes (if the TCC needs to acquire material it will probably take longer and proper allowances should be calculated into the lead time).

The following security measures are in force for the computer based class rooms, outside of Speare Building, which are being managed by the TCC. A list of these rooms, and the events scheduled for them, can be found at TCC Managed Rooms , or by calling the Registrar's Office (-5133).