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3.2. The PyStyler web content system

We distinguish between general webs like the TCC web and the TCC help system, and official TCC publications which live in the TCC publications directory.

One way to view a large mixed structure like the TCC Help System is as a pyramid. The user starts at the Help System's homepage and then follows links there to major subject areas, working from large topic areas to more specific topics until they reach the desired information.

However, in practice the upper layers of this pyramid are loosely structured Web pages, with tutorial and reference documents embedded in it.

Currently, a homemade system called PyStyler is used to manage the loose Web pages of both the TCC web and the TCC Help System. Documentation:

This system is rather dated. It expects page creators to use “tag soup”, that is, HTML (not XHTML). Until such time as something better comes along, though, PyStyler has these virtues:

The templates that drive PyStyler's Web presentation are quite similar to the TCC's Web customization of DocBook. The next section discusses why the author chose that form of presentation.