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4.3. Print presentation

The standard file type for printed publications is PDF (Portable Document Format). Free readers are available for this format.

Here are some notes on the style choices for print presentation.

As with Web pages, the titles should be big enough to stand out, but should not take ridiculous amounts of space.

The TCC logo appears on the first page of every document, and the phrase New Mexico Tech Computer Center appears on every page footer, along with the document title and page number.

The author currently prefers to use no page header, leaving more room for content on the page. However, this makes things somewhat crowded in the footer. Also, for some documents (e.g., Tkinter reference: a GUI for Python), it may be helpful to the reader to include chapter titles as well as the document title on every page. If this causes problems, the author's first choice for an element to be moved to the page header is the document title and chapter title. This will leave “NMTCC” and the page number in the footer.

The author prefers that section and subsection titles project into the left-hand margin, to make them easier to find.

The author's decision to turn on section numbering (e.g., 5.1.3 for the third subsubsection of the first subsection of the fifth major section) has been somewhat controversial. The author's feeling is that these numbers help readers keep track of where they are relative to the document structure. If you are in section 5.1.3, you know that section 5.1 is the next higher-level section. These numbers also help readers find a section, providing an alternative to page numbers. If you are looking for section 8, and the page you are looking at has section number 5.1.3, you know you want to go further to find your section.

Verbatim displays, such as program listings or screen shots, are printed over a light gray screen. This gives the reader a clue that the content of these areas is not ordinary narrative text.