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2. Where things live

All TCC documentation lives in the TCC homepage structure, whose pathname is /u/www/docs/tcc. This pathname is a soft link to /fs/tedium/web, a separate partition that can be mounted read/write from any TCC host.

Documentation resides in three major divisions:

The /u/www/docs/tcc/ directory, and all directories under it, have their setgid permission set, so that all new files and directories are created in group tcc. If you work at the TCC, your work account will be in group tcc, so you'll be able to create and modify files in this structure.

There are a few core documents, related to internals of the Applications Specialist duties, that live in /u/www/docs/tcc/doc/. Eventually these documents will be migrated into the internal help system. Particularly important is the /u/www/docs/tcc/doc/docbook43/ structure, which contains the DocBook stylesheets and their local customization.

All documents integrated into the main structure will be under full RCS control (Revision Control System) to allow tracking of change histories, control over simultaneous access, and retrieval of earlier versions. The plan is to move to SVN (SubVersion) repositories eventually.

There is a “staging area” for material that has been written and not yet integrated into the regular structures, and there will be a check-in process that maintains a list of all the documents yet to be integrated. The staging area is at /u/www/docs/tcc/doc/incoming/.