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Describes the structure of a public data file listing New Mexico Tech class schedules.

This publication is available in Web form and also as a PDF document. Please forward any comments to

Table of Contents

1. Machine-readable NMIMT class schedules
2. Files you can download
3. Entity-relationship model
4. Format of the sched.xml file
4.1. The root element: schedules
4.2. The dept-def element: Define one department code
4.3. The semester element: Schedules for one semester
4.4. The dept element: Schedule for one department
4.5. The course element: Schedules for one course
4.6. The section element: Schedule for one section
4.7. The instructor element: Instructor name
4.8. A small example file
5. Python interface
5.1. Importing the module
5.2. Exported constants
5.3. Exported functions
5.4. class ClassSchedule: The complete schedule collection
5.5. class SemesterSchedule: Schedule for one semester
5.6. class DeptSchedule: Schedules for one department in one semester
5.7. class CourseSchedule: Schedules for one course
5.8. class SectionSchedule: Schedule for one section

1. Machine-readable NMIMT class schedules

At the request of New Mexico Tech Computer Center (TCC) users, we make available selected data files for public use. This document describes one such data file: a listing of the university's class schedule.


This file is not to be considered the official version. It is derived from the official sources but may not be 100% accurate or up to date. It is published simply as a convenience for those who wish to build their own applications to assist them in using the data.

For the official source, refer to the Banweb class schedule page.