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Minimum PC configuration

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This configuration is recommended by the New Mexico Tech Computer Center for use with the software packages we give away. You can purchase any computer that you want, however, NMT Computer Center will not work on or answer questions regarding them unless they conform to the Hardware Standrads.

Revised 01-July-1995

This is a minimum configuration. You should consider a Pentium with CD and perhaps a sound card; see the Recommended Pentium configuration and the Minimum Pentium configuration.

  1. Motherboard
    1. 486DX2/66 Intel Processor
    2. 256K cache RAM
    3. 4PCI slots, 1 VESA Local Slot
    4. 3 ISA/PCI Slots and Internal PCI IDE controller
    5. Novell compatible
    6. BIOS: EDS Phoenix 486 Pro I
    7. Upgradeable to Pentium with ZIF socket
    8. CMOS with password lockable control parameters and capable of disallowing floppy boots
  2. Memory: 16MB installed, two 72 pin 8MB SIMM modules, zero wait state, expandable to at least 64MB, true parity
  3. Hard Disk: Conner CFS540A 540MB IDE Hard Disk with fast VLB IDE controller
  4. I/O
    1. Two 16550 (compatible) High Speed Serial Ports
    2. Bidirectional parallel port
  5. Video: VLB Mach 32 Video Card by ATI Technologies, SVGA with 1MB DRAM
  6. Keyboard: Fujitsu FKB4870 or Equivalent
  7. Network: AT1500T or AT1500Plus by Allied Telesis
  8. Mouse: Serial Logitech Mouseman
  9. Monitor: Sony 15" color
  10. 3.5 inch 1.44MB floppy disk
  11. Desktop Case
  12. Power Supply: 250 W
  13. Meet or exceed all FCC Class B, U.L. and CSA requirements.
  14. Software OS
    1. Microsoft DOS 6.22 (or Later)
    2. Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (or Later)
    3. Linux 1.2.6 (or Later)
    4. Windows 95 is being tested

The following vendors have submitted machines that have been tested and certified to work with the NMT network:

  1. Aries Technology, Phoenix, AZ, Wayne Quach, 800-497-5452
  2. PC Importers, Twinsburg, OH, Igor Nekoristov, 800-886-5155

The following machines have been tested and are NOT certified for the NMT network:

  1. Gateway 2000
  2. Zeos
  3. Mag 15" monitors and Mag 17" monitors

Revised 01-July-1995

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