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Recommended Pentium III-733 configuration

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This configuration is recommended by the New Mexico Tech Computer Center for use with the software packages we give away. You can purchase any computer that you want, however, NMT Computer Center will not work on or answer questions regarding them unless they conform to these hardware standards.
Item Make Model Description
Motherboard/Bios Asus/Award CUV4X-C PC133/VC133 133MHz FSB AGP Pro/4X
Processor intel PentiumIII 733MHz, PC133, Socket 370
Memory 256MB PC133 DIMM
Video Matrox G450 Dual-head AGP4x
Ethernet 3Com 3C905C 10BT/100BTX FAST ETHERLINK XL PCI
Sound Creative Soundblaster Live
Hard Drive IBM dtla-307040 Deskstar 40GB ATA-100 2MB 7200rpm
DVD/CD-ROM Toshiba M1502T IDE 16x48x DVD
floppy TEAC 1.44MB
Zip Iomega 250MB ATAPI
Case Enlight 7200 ATX w/230W PS, monitor suppor bar
Mouse Logitech First Mouse 3-button Serial/PS2
Monitor Sony CPD-400GS 19 inch Color Monitor
Keyboard NMB Concertmaster Multimedia 104-key

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