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Recommended Pentium 600 configuration

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This configuration is recommended by the New Mexico Tech Computer Center for use with the software packages we give away. You can purchase any computer that you want, however, NMT Computer Center will not work on or answer questions regarding them unless they conform to these hardware standards.

  1. Motherboard: Asus/Award P3V4X Via Apollo Pro 133A
  2. Processor: Intel Pentium III 600 MHz, PC133, 512k
  3. Memory: 128MB PC133 DIMM
  4. Hard Disk: IBM DPT A372050 Deskstar 20.5GB Ultra-ATA/66 7200RPM 2MB
  5. Video Card: Diamond Viper V770 16M nVidia Riva TNT2 AGP
  6. Sound: Creative Labs SoundBlaster LIVE Value, Emu10K1 chipset
  7. CD-Rom: Toshiba XM6702B EIDE 48X
  8. Network: 3Com 3C905B 10BT/100BTX Fast Etherlink XL PCI
  9. Mouse: Logitech First Mouse 3-button Serial/PS2
  10. Monitor: Sony CPD-400GS 19-inch
  11. Case: ATX Non-removable front, monitor support bar
  12. Floppy: Teac 1.44Mb
  13. Zip drive: Iomega 250MB ATAPI
  14. Keyboard: NMB Concertmaster Multimedia 104-key

All components must:

The following vendors have submitted machines that have been tested and certified to work with the NMT network:

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