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Recommended Pentium configuration

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This configuration is recommended by the New Mexico Tech Computer Center for use with the software packages we give away. You can purchase any computer that you want, however, NMT Computer Center will not work on or answer questions regarding them unless they conform to the Hardware Standrads.

  1. Motherboard
    1. Pentium 166 MHz Intel Processor, 66 MHZ bus, Triton II chip set
    2. 1 Meg cache RAM
    3. 4 or more 72 pin memory slots
    4. 3-PCI master/4-ISA slots, EIDE built in
    5. 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port
    6. 230W power supply
  2. Memory: 32MB (Two 16MB EDO SIMM modules) 70ns or faster
  3. Hard Disk: Fujitsu M1606T 1.08 Gb EIDE
  4. I/O
    1. Two 16550 (Compatible) High Speed Serial Ports
    2. Bidirectional Parallel Port, Enhanced EPP compatible
  5. Video: Diamond Stealth 3200 PCI Video with 2MB
  6. Video MPEG: Diamond MPEG Video Player 1100 daughterboard for above
  7. Sound: Soundblaster AWE32 compatible (with 32-bit wavetable)
  8. Keyboard: "Multimedia" (104 key style) with stereo headphone and microphone jacks
  10. Network: SMC Etherpower 10/100 (10BaseT/100BaseT/RJ-45)
  11. Mouse: 3-button serial Logitech Mouseman or FirstMouse
  12. Monitor: Sony 15" or Sony 17" or NEC 17" color Multiscan
  13. Floppy: 3.5 inch 1.44MB TEAC floppy disk
  14. Desktop case: non-removable front panel for public user area
  15. Software OS
    1. Windows 95

All components must:

Revised: 01-July-1996

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