What is a blacklist?

It is a list of mail servers with poor reputation maintained by third-party groups. Other email providers see that NMT is on these lists, and limit, or even outright reject, mail we send.

How did NMT get on a blacklist?

Someone with a NMT account gave their credentials to outside spammers, usually by responding to a phishing email. The spammers then use their account to send thousands of spam messages to other servers, and recipients of the spam report us to blacklist maintainers.

Phishing email?

This is an unsolicited message attempting to trick you into divulging your username and password, either by asking for a reply or directing you to a fake clone of the webmail login page. NMT will NEVER ask for your password. Delete messages that do, and only log in on

Okay, but when are we delisted?

It depends on the blacklist. Some let us submit a delist request immediately. Some allow up to so many requests within a given time period. Some only remove us if we are not reported for spam within another given time period. We request delisting from every blacklist we can after a compromised account is revoked.

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