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New Mexico Tech Computer Center (TCC)

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The New Mexico Tech Information Technology and Communications Department is here to serve the academic computing needs of the campus community.

See the Aug. 20, 2012 TCC Hotline: Printing rates decreased; Disk space increased; Moodle 2.2; Windows 7; Office 2010; Software upgrades; Printers upgraded; South Hall 218; Postini anti-spam filters; Linux printing.) for information on recent and pending changes; see also older newsletters and hotlines.
Our services Assistance Policies and security
Hours for our open labs and Help Desk.
Message of the day: Scheduled outages, system changes, and free classes.
Web-based services available through your browser:
For campus wireless networking, see the NMT Wireless Connection FAQ.
Remote use of files and printers
Software packages installed (available only from sites)
Workstation and server inventory
Web server statistics for (available only from hosts)
Scantron Tests and Course Evaluations
Scantron Requirements
Report a problem or make a request
Help Desk: Our User Consultants are here to help you.
Frequently Asked Questions
TCC help system: Online documentation.
Classroom and computer lab scheduling and support
File transfer: Moving files to or from the TCC.
Free classes for users
User names: Search for information on user and account names.
List of user homepages
Alumni email accounts
Modem access: 838-0335 (off-campus only). See also Using the TCC remotely with your modem.
Computer and network Security: including notes on choosing a strong password.

Policy on advance notice for course software installs
Policies, planning, and rates
TCC Work Request [PDF file]: To request work to be done for other Tech departments.
Recommended PC, Mac, printer and projector standards: The TCC's standard hardware configurations.
TCC documentation guidelines
Paper standard for HP printers: To avoid jamming, use paper that conforms to this standard.
Tech Computer Center Staff

New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge

Dr. Mike Topliff, Director of Academic Computing at New Mexico Tech, is also head judge of the New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge.

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