PCR-1000 Software Development Page

Software for the Icom PCR-1000 receiver using Microsoft ActiveX™ Technology for Windows.

When the control is installed on a Windows 9x/NT/2000 platform, the Icom PCR-1000 receiver becomes an integrated object that can be controlled by any any application that can accommodate the control. This includes custom applications and the Microsoft development platforms for Visual C/C++, Visual Java, and Visual Basic. It also includes the Office suite of applications, including Access, Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

An independant software application is required for streaming PCR-1000 audio over a network. A number of streaming audio formats are available for doing this. Windows Media Tools provides a number of codecs and streaming formats. The Windows Media Player is all that is required for playing streaming audio generated by a Windows Media Server. Real Audio G2 streaming format may also be used. A free G2 audio server is offered at www.realnetworks.com.

Developers wishing to build applications for Linux platforms should contact JavaRadio for the appropriate drivers and software for controlling the PCR-1000 receiver. Real Networks also supports a G2 streaming audio server.



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This website is not connected in any way with Icom America. Warning: Icom does not recommend using third-party software with their receivers. Please be sure to backup the EEPROM in your PCR-1000 receiver before using this, or any other third-party software. This software is offered as-is. By downloading this software, the user accepts full liability and responsibility for its use.


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